I started tattooing in 1998, I served a traditional Apprenticeship under the guidance of Jay Strange at The Skin Art Gallery in Addison TX. I'm grateful for the opportunity and the skills he taught me

I've been an artist all my life , always being able to put pen to paper, brush to canvas or build some device that fits a need or whim. Always looking for a new challenge or medium to explore.

I enjoy doing a wide variety of Tattoo styles, from bold color designs, to reserved black and grey . Organic , Mechanical designs really appeal to me but am always up to the challenge of a photo realistic piece. I appreciate the effort when a client has done research into their tattoo design. reference material is always a good thing.

I try to think that most people can be some source of an inspiration. To either push me to try harder or to spark a vision to put my own twist on an idea. To learn from someone else's experiences, and examine the outcomes will make you that much the wiser.

As for the tattoos I chose to get. I research, almost stalk the artist, and try to come up with an image or idea that they would find interesting, and some sort of a challenge to them. I've gotten several " Boy Scout " themed tattoos because the time that I spent in Scouting and becoming an Eagle Scout. That has had a tremendous amount of influence on who the person I am today. Darin.

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